Haojun Li
General Manager of Credit Card Center & Deputy General Manager of Personal Finance China Bohai Bank Co., Ltd (Shanghai)
Mr. Li is the general manager of credit card center and the deputy general manager of personal finance of China Bohai Bank Co., Ltd (Shanghai), who once served as the general manager of personal loans, sub-branch head, risk management approver etc. Mr. Li has more than ten years' experience in bank management and profound knowledge of financial risk management, internet consumer finance, private bank wealth management and inclusive credit loans, who worked for large commercial banks in and out of China, including Huaxia Bank, ABN-AMRO Bank, Bank of China etc. Mr. Li has a great influence in internet consumer finance field and fintech industry, who has worked with Baidu, JD.com, Xi, Xiaomi, CreditEase and other large institutions, releasing credit loans more than RMB 20 billion accumulatively.