Zhongdong Sun
President Chongqing Fumin Bank
President of Chongqing Fumin Bank, BCG senior consultant, member of China FinTech 50 Forum (CFT 50) Academic Committee

With 25 years of experience in the banking industry, serving as senior executives in both public and private banks, thus deeply engaged in China’s fintech development

In 2014, he proposed the “1+1+N” mode for building smart banks, which gained wide industry attention
In 2015, he carried on the preliminary test of the “1+1+N” mode and the construction of ecological banks
In 2016, he pushed open banking to new heights by promoting the first SDK application for comprehensive financial services
In 2018, he furthered his research on the construction criteria, methods and system of the digitalization of ecological banking

Published works:
1. Internet plus Bank Best practice (2015)
2. Internet plus Bank Best practice2.0 (2016)
3. new book on digital banking coming soon

Columnist for or Caixin.com
Columnist for 21st Century Business Herald