Xiaozhong Li
VP Wheat Financial
Dr. Li has served as Wheat Financials Vice President and Chief Risk Officer since July 2016. He has 25 years’ experience in data mining, modeling and risk management. Prior to joining Wheat Financial, he was the Chief Risk Officer in the consumer lending business and a member of executive committee of Lufax, a leading Chinese online wealth management company from August 2014 and the Chief Risk Officer of GMAC-SAIC from December 2010. Previously he worked at FICO US and China in multiple positions from October 1998 to December 2010, including scientist, consultant, manager, anti-fraud leader and chief scientist of FICO China. He received a PhD from Beijing University of Post/Telecommunications in Electronic Circuit and Systems in 1994, a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics in 1991, and a Bachelor of Science in Theoretic Mathematics in 1988 from Beijing Normal University. He has been awarded postdoctoral fellowships from Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK·CEN) (in 1996) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (in 1994).