Nan Liu
President RucalCredit Internet Micro Finance Co.Ltd
Liu Nan, master of science, State University of New York, has ever served as project manager of UN Global Compact China Network Center, chairman assistant of Haikou Rural Commercial Bank and of which the general manager of micro enterprise finance business department, vice general manager of micro-finance headquarter of Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives, deputy secretary-general of agriculture experts committee of Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives, director of micro enterprise finance department of Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives etc. Has won the “Advanced individual” of finance service to micro enterprise of Hainan banking financial institutions and “Model Woker” of Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives and other honorary titles.

Liu Nan has worked in rural inclusive finance business for a long time, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience and the insight of inclusive finance. Liu Nan has served as president since the establishment of RucalCredit Internet Micro Finance Co., Ltd. in 2016.Practice the idea of “everyone has the equal right of financing”, and set up the credit team of more than two hundred people, which has good ability in business. Liu Nan innovate the development idea as “Jump out of finance to rural finance”, “Internet + Rural finance”, and committed to promoting the micro-credit agriculture support model of Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives to insufficient coverage areas of financial services in China, by providing equal financial services to middle and low-income people.

At present, the company has started-up business in Hainan, Guangdong, Hebei and Henan provinces, and issued a total of 1.21 billion yuan of micro-credit, providing the service for 23,000 customers. And it is now gradually developing into the one of the representative agricultural support enterprises of small loan company in Hainan province and even in China .