Keting Yin
VP Qulian
Yin has a Doctor degree. After graduating from Zhejiang University in 2010, he served as a professional tutor in the direction of financial information technology in the Software College of Zhejiang University. He is engaged in teaching, scientific research and industrialization of graduate students in financial information engineering and related fields. He has rich experience in the development of financial information system and solid foundation of financial information research. In 2016, as a co-founder, he estanblished Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. He specializes in the research and development of China-made self-controlled blockchain platform and blockchain application development. He is responsible for the first domestic application project of core banking business using blockchain technology. Yin has more than 10 papers have been published in well-known academic journals and conferences at home and abroad, 6 patents have been applied for invention, and several software copyrights have been obtained. His research area includes blockchain, big data and so on.